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David W. Emmons

Agent Housing Opportunity




Freedom Referral Group: We manage single family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial properties throughout the Greater Cincinnati area through North Star Realty.  Our clients include local owners and investors living across the nation.


As a full service property management company we offer complete property management services.  All of our property management services are provided at one low monthly fee.  There are no hidden costs.


Each of our property managers is knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous, which is one reason our clients stay with us.


We realize your property is a valuable investment and manage your property as if it were our own. 


Our goals are to:


Profit  Maximize Your Cash Flow:  We are committed to obtaining the maximum amount of rent for your home that market conditions will bear, thereby maximizing your income.  We also work hard to minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance using our extensive network of contractors.


image004  Minimize the Vacancy Period:  We are committed to designing and executing a targeted marketing plan to rent your property as quickly as possible, thereby minimizing the time that your rental is not generating income.


image003  Protect Your Investment:  We thoroughly screen prospective tenants and manage your property in a discreet, professional and competent manner.


image006  Do the Work for You:  We handle everything so you can spend your time on more important things



Do You Need A Property Manager?


 Ask yourself the following questions:


  Do you have experience managing rental property yourself?

  Are you familiar with fair housing and landlord/tenant laws in the jurisdiction(s) where your property is located?

  Do you have relationships with contractors that ensure you can get 24 hour service at reasonable prices?

  Do you have a reliable means to determine fair market rent and returns on your investment property?

  Do you know and have the proper notices and legal process to deal with non-paying tenants?

  Do you have a current, professionally crafted lease and related agreements/forms to minimize your exposure to liability should a tenant sue?


If you answered no to any of the above questions, it might be prudent to hire a professional management team.  The cost of one bad decision could more than offset the cost of hiring a professional manager to help you avoid the pitfalls of rental property ownership.


Our Services


  Licensed Brokerage/Salesperson

  Property Evaluation


  Tenant Selection

  Security Deposits

  Rents Collected

  Mortgage Payments

  Accounting Services

  Property Inspections

  Maintenance Services

  Eviction Services


Licensed Brokerage/Salesperson


An Ohio real estate license is required to perform many activities related to real estate, including property management.


As a licensed brokerage in the State of Ohio, we can perform all aspects of Real Estate.   If you have property to sell or would like an agent to assist you in a purchase, ask us!


A real estate license is also required if you are a person who, for another and for a fee, operates, manages, rents, offers, or attempts to operate, manage, or rent, other than as a custodian, caretaker, or janitor, any building or options of buildings to the public as tenants.


Any of the following task must be performed by a licensed real estate broker/agent:


  Negotiating contracts and lease agreements

  Vary or deviate from the rental price or other lease terms on behalf of the property owner

  Approving rental applications or lease agreements

  Setting or arranging the terms and conditions of a lease on behalf of the owner

  Offering inducements to prospective tenants

  Finding tenants for the property

  Advertising the property

  Showing the property to prospective tenants

  Collecting rent

  Otherwise representing another in a lease or rent transaction


Property Evaluation:


We will assess your property, make recommendations, and obtain the best price and a quality tenant.




Vacancies are expensive for both of the owner and the management company.  We make every effort to keep our vacancies to a minimum.  We aggressively market your property to the largest possible market in the shortest possible time.  With over 10 years of professional relationships, we have a large network of contacts to help fill vacancies.


Tenant Selection:


 We view resident selection as our most important function.  Our experience in dealing with tenant screening greatly reduces the hassles often experienced when background checks are not performed.  Our tenant screening and credit investigations help ensure this.


Applicants are required to complete a detailed rental application, meet minimum income requirements, rental background, credit requirements, and provide references.  We run a total credit check on all prospective tenants.  In addition, we report any delinquencies to the credit bureaus!  This has proven to be extremely effective in stopping late rents.


Once a tenant's application has been approved, appointments are made to approve the actual lease agreement.  We review the lease thoroughly with the tenant.  This gives us a chance to answer any questions and to carefully explain the tenant's responsibilities as well as our company's policies, and rules.  This attention to the tenants' needs greatly reduces misunderstandings and eliminates many potential problems before they occur.  A copy of the lease agreement will always be sent to you upon execution.


Security Deposits:


For additional protection, appropriate security deposits are always collected upon completion of rental applicants by a prospective tenant. The amount of deposits are based on the monthly rental rate and the credit worthiness of the tenant. Applicants with pets are required to pay an additional pet deposit, if the owner approves a pet.


All deposits are maintained in a trust checking account as required by state real estate regulations until they are either refunded to the tenant upon the successful check-out inspection or are forfeited to cover damages caused by lease violations.


Rental Collections:


All rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late if received after the 3rd of the month. Late notices are sent on the first business day after the 3rd and removal proceedings are initiated if the tenant does not make immediate arrangements for rent payment with late fees.  We feel that the collection of rent is the second most important function of managing your property.


Accounting Services:


Every transaction affecting your account balance is recorded and explained in detail.  Our accounting system enables you to see exactly what has transpired with your property on a monthly basis.  We are happy to work with your accountant to customize your reporting for their needs.


Copies of all work orders and receipts are kept on file throughout the year.  We will be happy to provide duplicate copies of this information at the end of the year to help you with your tax preparations.


In addition to the monthly statements we also provide a complete account summary at the end of the year.  This shows you each accounting transaction posted on your property during the year; i.e., total rent received, total mortgage payments made, total maintenance expenses, etc.  These statements are specially designed to simplify the year-end tax preparation job for you and your accountant.


Property Inspections:


Our main job is to protect your investment property.  We do this in two different ways. First we make frequent drive-by inspection tours of your property.  In addition, we make regular preventive maintenance inspections of the interior of the property.  It is stated in the tenants lease agreement that we have the right to make routine announced inspections.  Tenants are always notified in writing of pending property inspections.


We conduct routine inspections, and tenants who are doing a good job receive a letter thanking them for their time and the care taken in maintaining their home.  Tenants who are doing a poor job are also notified, and then we follow-up with a second inspection ten (10) days after the tenant has received the failure report.  If the tenant has not shown good faith by providing property maintenance or making requested repairs we will begin proceedings to correct the problem at the tenant's expense.


Maintenance Services:


Timely and competent maintenance is the key to protecting your investment.  Our goal is to provide you with this important service at a reasonable price using only qualified personnel.


All repairs and maintenance services are performed by our handyman staff, outside vendors, and contractors.  Each has been selected because of their ability to provide the best possible service at the best price.


You reserve the right to schedule and control any or all repair and maintenance responsibilities, if you desire.


Routine repair and maintenance will be performed as needed and will be based on urgency and importance.  For any major job, we usually obtain written estimates from three different companies, notify you, and obtain your approval before we proceed.


We ensure the quality of the work performed by making spot checks and follow-up inspections.  You are further protected because each job is fully documented in writing and supported with receipts.


We work directly with D&E Management, LLC for your physical property management needs.


Eviction Proceedings:


We hope you will never have to use our eviction services.  To protect you, our office has the latest resources to verify every aspect of the applications.


Unfortunately, even families that are well qualified can encounter serious situations (loss of employment and divorce are the most common).  In many cases financial instability is the problem.  When a family does not pay rent and does not move, our only recourse is to take legal action.


A representing attorney is required by the state of Ohio as we are not the owners and cannot provide legal counsel.  Typically, the paper work is sent to the attorney's office, the tenant is served the legal papers and our office will appear on behalf of the owner to present evidence.  The matter is usually an issue of unpaid rent and the judge normally finds in favor of the landlord.  The total eviction cost varies and we generally expect the process to take about three weeks after we send the paper work to the attorney.


Should an eviction process need to be implemented we will discuss the matter in full detail with you and make the process as easy and pain free as possible.


Requesting a Proposal


Thank you for your interest in Freedom Referral Group.  We believe that you worked hard to obtain your investment and we will work hard to maximize the potential of your property. As with any successful business, we are dedicated to earning your trust and respect. We intend to earn that endorsement from you while relieving you of the burden of managing your investment.


It does not matter whether you are across town or across the country, you can feel confident that we will manage your property as if you were living next door. All tenants are carefully and thoroughly screened.  Our rental agreements are very detailed and explain what we expect from our tenants.  For maintenance problems with your property, we have a team of specialists available to handle any situation.  We provide you with monthly and year-end reports that details all the information needed for you and your accountant.


With nearly ten years of experience managing rental properties, I look forward to working with you.  Please take your time and look over the proposal when you receive it.  If you have any questions, please contact me.



David W. Emmons

Freedom Referral Group

Agent, North Star Realty, Inc.
















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